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90% of the time.

10% of Innovator Male Ceo's, Owners, Mangers hire

I'm Shelley Deegan, feng shui Color, Design consultant.
Since 1994, I've helped people with:
Real estate that doesn't rent, lease or sell.
Stagnate & High Turn over in Commercial Real estate locations.
Residential color and design. 
Remodels. Floor plan reviews.
Corporate locations. 
Start Ups, Labs, Office set up. Lobby color and design.
Winery office & tasting rooms.
Health Food store & vitamin Department.
School & Classrooms.
Strip mall stores.

Shelley Deegan
Office: 619-504-7102 for your business.

You know your business inside and out.
Let's make it more profitable.
Video sessions

Shelley helped me with my medical offices COLOR/DESIGN AND FENG SHUI, plus our 
laboratory and employee productivity working in the lab and office areas.
She is very proficient and kind at the same time.
I found her through a class she was teaching at the local community college. 
Dr. Maria Gomez M.D.